November 2011: German-American Filmmaking

08. November 2011
German-American Filmmaking – Past and Present at the Villa Aurora in Los Angeles on November 8th, 2011 at 8 pm. Actor Eric Braeden read a montage of texts by Billy Wilder, Curt Siodmak and Fred Zinnemann (edited by Gundolf S. Freyermuth). The short documentary “Wolfgang Petersen - Mein Leben, mein Werk” was screened (D 2011, written and directed by Gundolf S. Freyermuth, German w/ English subtitles); Wolfgang Petersen discussed his German-American experience (moderated by Gundolf S. Freyermuth). Christoph Bull played songs from the 1920 on the organ and the piano.

Gundolf S. Freyermuth im Gespräch mit Wolfgang Petersen, Villa Aurora, 8. November 2011
(Photo: Villa Aurora)