März 2011: Cross-Media

22. März 2011
Moderation Panel New Media – New Profiles – New Competencies, participants: Gunnar Wille: Den Danske Filmskole; Martin Zimper: Zurich University of The Arts, Head of CAST; Thorsten Schtte: Filmakademie Baden-Wrttemberg GmbH; Jasmin Srouji: Student at the Filmakademie Baden-Wrttemberg GmbH; Ian Ginn: Transmedia Learning Network; Pauls Kesteris: Baltic Film student/participant in "Anything is a story telling device?!”; MEDIA Initial Training Conference on Future Challenges and Funding Opportunities for Film and Audiovisual Schools and Universities in Europe, Albert Hall, 9 Avenue Eudore Pirmez, 1040 Brussels, 10am - 1 pm.
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